worm food Vinyl - Cavetown
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worm food Vinyl


  • worm food Vinyl
  • worm food Vinyl
  • worm food Vinyl
worm food Vinyl


The first pressing of worm food, featuring a gatefold jacket and limited edition variants.

Looking for the UK store? Click here! Pressing Information

300 - Cloudy Clear (Banquet Records Exclusive)
500 - Green (Spotify Fans First Exclusive)
1000 - Half Tangerine/Half Evergreen (Newbury Comics Exclusive)
1000 - Milky Clear with Tangerine, Brown Splatter
1200 - Cloudy Orange
1500 - Milky Clear with Evergreen Splatter (Urban Outfitters Exclusive)
2500 - Evergreen Galaxy (Indie Retail Exclusive)
4000 - Tangerine, Evergreen, Brown Stripes
5000 - Evergreen in Milky Clear Color-in-Color